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Client Testimonials

Here's what some new moms and dads are saying...

Nearing the end of my pregnancy, I became very nervous about labour and giving birth. In my head, there was a good chance I would be opting for any pain medication the hospital would offer me. After hearing my friend talk about her birth with Megan as her doula, I knew I had to look into it. One meeting with Megan and my mind was at ease; I knew I wanted her to be there for my labour and delivery. Megan reminded me of the beauty of childbirth and helped me to feel grateful that I had the opportunity to go through this incredible process as a female. She made me feel strong and capable and with her encouragement and coaching I was able to have a drug free birth! Megan was extremely helpful for me, but she was also a huge support for my husband. I look forward to working with Megan again in the future!


Megan was an amazing support system for us during our pregnancy. After a few years of fertility struggles, when we finally became pregnant it was a little scary. Megan’s warmth, knowledge and beautiful energy brought a sense of calmness and empowerment to the process I could have never achieved without her. Thank you Megan for making this such and incredible journey for Thomas and I. We hope we can do it again one day with you.


My experience with Megan as our doula was meaningful. Leading up to the birth was extremely scary and stressful, knowing that so much was unknown. I found Megan’s calmness and experience to be a great reassurance, so much so that I actually enjoyed it. It was the best that I had felt in many weeks and the best I would feel for sometime afterwards. In a way I feel Megan was able to bring the experience back to center for me.

                                                                                                                         -Brad K

I have a doula crush on you. We had you for all 3 of our births and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else. You are extremely good at what you do. My husband was so thankful for your presence.


Your gentle words and wisdom through the entire process was extremely valuable. You enabled me to feel empowered, informed, and safe. J and I can not thank you enough for sharing your passion with us for the second time. The care and compassion you share is so beautifully rare.


I would recommend Megan to any family preparing for a birth and looking for a healthy system of support and guidance. She offered an amazing understanding of and commitment to a natural and empowered journey... all while respecting our doctors and the medical segment of our birth plan. I can confidently say that the prenatal, the birth and the postnatal experiences were as positive as they were because of Megan's involvement. If we are lucky enough to go through this journey again; we hope that Megan is available to be a part of it all again.

                                                                                                                     ~Thomas F 

We immediately felt at ease and empowered when we met with Megan to support us through the birth of our second child. It was a decision that proved to be essential in our positive experience with the healthy birth of our daughter. Megan was there to guide us through choices, support our decisions and keep the labour and delivery positive and healthy when things were not moving along as planned. My husband was so grateful for Megan’s confidence, experience and expertise. Megan is strong, kind and is deeply passionate about what she does, and has had a huge impact on our lives. Thank you for being a part of this experience with my family!


Megan was truly a Guardian Angel to us during our postpartum phase. She was able to greatly assist in turning a very dark time in our family's life into a period that enabled us to cope . Megan was willing to come into our home and fill in where required and without ever needing to ask her. She helped with taking care of our ' special' baby , entertaining the toddler, folding clothing , washing a mountain size load of dishes or perhaps the most important ... Being the voice of reason and compassion while dealing with an extremely busy toddler and a very sick baby.

We were not introduced to Megan until after our baby was born but I can only imagine the type of constant support that she would provide during the preparation of a birth and during the birth regardless of the setting , home vs hospital birth. She never made us feel like she was too busy or had too many clients to give us the tender loving care that we so greatly craved .

Our family is changed for life or shall I say ' SAVED' for life and we owe it to Megan.

Thank you for accepting us as clients!

                                                                          ~Sasha, Nathan, Severin & Baby Solv

Your gentle guidance and patience was beyond appreciated. You truly went above and beyond...You helped me stay strong, encouraged me and I never once felt like I couldn't do it.


Megan is a mix of professionalism and relaxed energy. Her professional services ranged from sending us reputable articles and lending us leading textbooks on topics such as prenatal health issues, labour and delivery and breastfeeding, to referring us to other professionals specializing in maternal services in the community such as massage therapists and acupuncturists, to providing classroom-style information sessions at our home in the weeks prior to the birth of our daughter. Her relaxed energy had us hooked from the moment we interviewed her. Her calm disposition put us at ease before, during and after the birth.

Looking back now, Megan performed many informal tasks that were not items that we had put our minds to leading up to the birth but, in the throes of labour, proved to be invaluable, including the following: dropping us off at the front doors of the hospital and parking our vehicle so that my husband and I could stay together; filling water bottles and running to get ice chips so that my husband did not have to leave my side to wander the halls; making food for us after delivering as she knew it would be hours until food services were provided to us in our room; and acting as a freelance photographer knowing that we might want pictures of the birth of our first child (she documented a painful but rewarding moment in our lives and we are forever grateful for her foresight).

During the delivery, Megan was there offering words of encouragement and support. My husband was able to be at my side and provide me with what I needed, while Megan provided him with suggestions for support and ensured that our wishes were relayed to the health team. One example of this was when our daughter was placed in my arm's and my husband and I were completely mesmerized, Megan relayed our wish for delayed cord clamping to the doctor. We were so caught up in the birth of our daughter that some of our wishes may have been overlooked. Both our doctor and the delivery nurse commented on her abilities and professionalism. Having Megan with us as our advocate was truly priceless.

                                                                                                         ~Erin & Rob

Megan has the most calming, yet powerful presence of anyone I know. Her energy strikes you the moment she is in the room with you - a strong and very supportive energy that speaks deep to your mama say that you can get through anything! Along with so many other women (and their husbands), my motherhood journey has been full of ups and downs and I am so grateful to have had Megan's encouragement, experience and support through it all. Megan offered support through the loss of two pregnancies and was by our side during the birth of our daughter. After a very long and intense labour, my daughter was eventually born via cesarean. I remember the guilt that I felt at that time. There was a sense failure that I was not able to have a natural delivery. Megan was quick to bring a calming energy back into my anxious world. She gently reassured me that I had done everything in my power to labour with our beautiful daughter and that there was cases where the medical world does need to intervene for the safety of both mama and baby, and thank goodness for that. Megan's love for what she does is very clear. So naturally and openly, she discusses birth plans, pregnancy woes, postpartum anxiety and depression, postpartum care and so much more. My husband and I both are thankful for her guidance and look forward to having her join us again in the future.


My husband and I chose Megan after an interview process with our second pregnancy. Megan was in the process of completing her doula certification, but her vast knowledge, professionalism and non-judgmental approach made her the best candidate. Megan was amazing! She exceeded our expectations in every way. Late into my pregnancy it was discovered that my daughter would be born with very serious health complications. At no time did Megan consider dropping us as her client. In fact she went beyond the call of duty to routinely check in on me, offer sound advice, even babysitting my son while we attended doctor appointments. She embodied the concept of support throughout my labour – implementing various techniques during contractions, advocating for my privacy needs in a very medical high-risk environment and taking photos during the pushing stage. Following the birth Megan continued her support assisting with engorgement/pumping issues while my daughter remained in hospital. I did not fully appreciate at the time the respect and admiration I would grow to have for my doula. She remains an integral part of my daughter’s birth story and a cherished friend for life. Hiring a doula is one of the best decisions I’ve made!


You brought calm to an intense environment. You helped bring clarity and information and were a great additional support. You were able to liaise with the medical staff on our behalf, allowing me to focus on my wife.

                                                                                                                       ~Brad T

It was such a blessing to have you helping us with the birth of E. You are an amazing woman and we are blessed to have you in our lives.


1) You knew the secret extras while in the hospital (food, jet tub, ball)

2) Extremely helpful with everything but not over bearing or controlling or in the way

3) Supportive, comforting, and worth every penny


Megan Barbour is one of those people who always lifts you up. The emotional support and encouragement is just what a mama needs! Her postpartum doula services have been incredibly helpful to my family and me. She has come into our home and instantly asks what I need from her. That's such a rare thing for a mama and meant so much to me. She goes above and beyond and as a mom she just knows what else needs to be done to help keep a home running smoothly. When she leaves my house is cleaner, I have food for supper and some in the freezer and I got to enjoy a bit of time for myself! Thank you Megan, you are so talented and my kids adore you!


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